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Today on the show: Greg Arnold returns to the show to join Bryce and Aaron to talk NFL and March Madness.
- We yapp about Peyton going to the Broncos. - Where will Tebow end up? (Breaking: Tebow to the New York Jets) - Bryce explains why Duke lost. - UNC PG Kendall Marshall has a broken wrist, will he play and will it dash North Carolina's championship hopes? - We make our Final Four predictions. Play in new window | Download | Subscribe in iTunes | Listen on Stitcher

#FreeTebow Former Colts QB Peyton Manning has decided to sign with the Denver Broncos, picking the other horse-related nickname in the NFL, but while everyone should be talking about Manning, they are talking about Tim Tebow. On Twitter, ESPN First Take personality, Skip Bayless, has started the #FreeTebow hashtag... Tom Crean has the Hoosiers back in the Sweet Sixteen When asked about the significance of getting IU back to the Sweet 16 after many years of struggling, head coach Tom Crean had this to say: "Oh, absolutely. There's no question about it. And as I said to them, again, you know, the way God has brought us all together and touched everybody's life, everybody is better for what they've had to deal with... Christian Athletes in the Headlines Louisville's Siva's biggest assist was as a 13-year-old (Seattle Times) What's Tim Tebow's trade value? (USA Today) Browns need to say no to Tim Tebow (ESPN) Broncos' trade market for Tim Tebow not looking good (Denver Post)

Today on the show: -Heath Evans joins us to discuss what happened with his former team, the New Orleans Saints, and the “bounty” situation. -Heath also talks about what Peyton Manning is probably looking for in a new team. -Heath shares what God has been teaching him since he retired from the NFL. -Also, Bryce talks about Peyton Manning, and where he will end up. Play in new window | Download | Subscribe in iTunes | Listen on Stitcher

Sports Spectrum featured former tight end and current musician Ben Utecht in its Fall 2009 issue. Utecht won a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning in the 2006-07 season and wrote this for Sports Spectrum and "The Jersey Effect" website in light of Manning's era coming to an end yesterday.   The end to an Indiana dream but not an NFL legacy...   Peyton Manning is more than just a quarterback. He is a symbol and a beacon for what is right about the NFL. I had the privilege and honor of playing with Peyton for four years. In those four years, I learned more about myself as a player but more importantly as a man...

  Today on the show: - Bryce talks with Hunter Smith about Peyton Manning, football, music, and his new book. - Find out how Hunter describes the Colts situation right now. - Hunter talks about leaving football and if he misses it. - Listen to what Hunter is passionate about now. - Figure out how a punter goes from the NFL to being on stage playing guitar and singing! Play in new window | Download | Subscribe in iTunes | Listen on Stitcher

Brett Honeycutt, editor of Sports Spectrum magazine, joins "SPORTS YAPP" to discuss Jim Caldwell and the Colts while Bryce gives his thoughts on one of his favorite players, Peyton Manning, and what the Caldwell firing means for him. The two of them disagree on the NFL games this weekend and give their final thoughts about Tim Tebow and the Broncos.

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