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We've completed a whole month of Major League Baseball and April certainly had its memorable moments. Here are nine things we will remember from the first month of the big league season. 1. Manager's mouths Both Bobby Valentine and Ozzie Guillien found themselves in trouble by not taming their tongues... 2. Pujols’ slump Albert Pujols signed a $250 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels, and he did not hit a home run in the entire month of April... 3. Bryce Harper’s debut This month could be remembered for watching the debut of a once-in-a-generation-type player... 4. The old guys still have it Chipper Jones, Jamie Moyer and Todd Helton... 5. Brian Wilson out for season 6. Matt Kemp’s hot start 7. David Wright is back 8. D.C. Area in first place On April 30, both Baltimore and Washington were in first place in their divisions... 9. Perfection Baseball had its first perfect game of the season this month...