SPORTS YAPP Podcast Episode No. 16 (Tebow Time!)

Join host Bryce Johnson and the vice president of U.S. Sports Management Ryan DiNunzio for Sports Spectrum Magazine’s podcast called “SPORTS YAPP.” Episode No. 16 is an entire podcast dedicated to Tim Tebow and the impact he’s had because of his faith.

Bryce and Ryan discuss some of these controversial questions: Does God care about football? Does God have favor on certain players or people? What happens when Christians play on both teams? What has Tebow taught us about faith? Is the quarterback position overrated? And what doors did Kurt Warner open for Tebow? Let us know where you agree or disagree.

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SPORTS YAPP: Week 3 Power Rankings

1. Green Bay Packers- I continue to count on them and they continue to deliver. There might be a different star each week (Finley this week), but as long as Aaron Rodgers is back there…they are the team to beat.

2. Detroit Lions- Even when they struggle early, they find a way to win. They can score quick and often when they have to. I know they have more wins than some teams I have ranked higher and that’s because I’m being cautiously optimistic.

3. Buffalo Bills- They can now be taken seriously after beating the Patriots. They are a really fun team to watch and cheer for. Their team really seems to be on the same page. I loved seeing the Bills pull this out after another great comeback. How can you not like this team? Continue reading

SPORTS YAPP: Week One Power Rankings

Here are my thoughts and Power Rankings following Week 1 in the NFL…

1. Green Bay Packers- I feel even more confident about them repeating as Super Bowl champs.

2. Baltimore Ravens- They showed they could absolutely dominate their biggest rival. They are in for a big season.

3. New England Patriots- Tom Brady showed how amazing he still is, if people may have forgotten.

4. New York Jets- They pulled out a crazy win over Dallas, but that’s what they do. They WIN!

5. Philadelphia Eagles- I thought they might have slipped in Week 1 because of all the hype, but they are going to be an elite team all year… Continue reading

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