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Robbie Ross should not have been in the major leagues in 2012, pitching for the American League champion Texas Rangers. The 22-year-old had a...

In a recent feature with Vogue Magazine, Tim Tebow mentioned a possible future career in politics... Tim Hudson shut down the Phillies Sunday, inching the Braves closer to clinching a playoff spot. He spoke with CBN about his faith in Christ... Josh Hamilton hasn't played since September 18, and the Rangers aren't sure when he will be back... What they said - Christian Athletes on Twitter...

1) Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen will compete in tonight's Home Run Derby, and he will be taking his high school baseball coach as his pitcher. McCutchen has been featured in Sports Spectrum as has Carlos Beltran, who will also compete in tonight's derby. Beltran, a switch-hitter, will have to decide which side to hit from... 2) An extremely loud clap of thunder scared the Rangers and Twins off of the field Sunday night as players from both sides ran to take cover after one of the loudest sounds of nature you will ever hear...

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