Running an Amazing Race

Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin stood in Cathedral Square in Panama City, Panama. The flowing skirts of the traditional tamborito dancers swirled and spun a mystery before them. Somewhere was the clue that would guide them to the final Pit Stop of this race leg. Reach it first, and they were into the finals of The Amazing Race, playing with a one in three chance of winning $1 million. Reach it last—game over. The two pro snowboarders had already won six of the race’s ten previous legs. They had a commanding lead now, but they were confused. They spotted a word on a necklace: Balboa. They took off in a cab toward Balboa. Other teams reached the square and stared blindly in front of the colorful swirl. None of them either could see the words “Panama Viejo” embroidered on one spinning skirt. After reaching two incorrect Balboas, Andy and Tommy Read More

Uncommon Challenge