God's Gameplan for Life:

Ever feel like you lose so much more than you ever win? When you do win, does it truly satisfy? Is it ever enough? Is there a plan or purpose for life?

drawn up gameplan

There is more to this life that you are experiencing. There is more than winning and losing, practice and play. Through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ you can find victory like you've never experienced.

Here are the game plan basics:

  • Because of sin (the wrong things we do) we are separated from God (Romans 3:23) and we can't experience His peace and love. That's why God sent His Son to earth (John 3:26), to live as a man (Philippians 2:6-8), to live a perfect life (Hebrews 4:15), to die for our sins (Romans 6:23), and to be raised from the dead to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).
  • Jesus is calling to you today. He wants to give you His peace, love, forgiveness, and strength. Simply admit to Him that you've done wrong and want to turn away from it, that you can't do it on your own, and that you want Him to be your Savior (I John 1:9).

Know that Sports Spectrum is praying for you.

Gameplan Resources

We've provided several links below where you can continue to find out more about Jesus Christ and how you can can experience His love and freedom.

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