Athlete Testimonies:

Elton Brand

Elton Brand, power forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, is considered the kindest star in the NBA. This says a lot about the way he was raised. To use the phrase "the way he was raised," however, is not completely accurate. You see, his mother is still very involved in his life.

She sees every home game and sees every road game as well. However, she does not want to be misunderstood. "I'm not doing this for worldly opinion. We're spiritual people, and I believe I need to support my son spiritually," Daisy says.

Clippers chaplain Robert L. Cummings Sr. has noticed the interaction between Elton and his mom. "You'll see Elton give kisses to his mom, see the way he interacts with everybody, see her, and know this all comes from a strong Christian background and her love for him."

Meanwhile the Clippers have loosened up to levels of looseness they've never seen before. Cummings is aware of the difference. "I've been here 4 years, and this past season, I saw a big-time change in the team."

"It's definitely been the most fun I've had in my 7 years of playing in the NBA," confirms Elton. And as always, Mom is there to watch.

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