Athlete Testimonies:

Nate Robertson

P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-A-N-C-E. Those twelve letters mean a great deal to baseball star Nate Robertson. The first verses of James remind Robertson that though life brings trials, he can know that the testing of his faith develops perseverance. Looking on the inside lid of his baseball cap, you'll see that word permanently fixed there.

Robertson could use the reminder. He's experienced plenty of strikes in life. Between physical setbacks, including severe elbow problems, and being traded from a team with promise to one on a losing streak, he had to rely on God more than ever.

Robertson acknowledges a time when he gave lip service to the "God first" philosophy. Though he accepted Christ at age 13, baseball was his priority for a long time. Through the trials, he saw that God was stretching and teaching him, waiting for him to surrender. Now, teammate Jason Grilli describes Robertson as "a man who stands for Christ."

There may be hardships ahead for Robertson, but drawing on the words in James, he's prepared. He understands that he must continue to turn to God at all times and live for Him. "I want people to understand why I live...the way I do," he says.

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