Athlete Testimonies:

Pat Bates + Doug Tewell

Doug Tewell and Pat Bates have both captured professional golfing victories on golf's highest levels, the Nationwide, Champions, and PGA Tour, making them brothers in arms on the golf course. Their shared and public faith in Jesus Christ makes them Christian brothers as well, and the family ties-with Bates having married Tewell's daughter-binds them on a personal level as well. But when it comes to the golf course or the dinner table, there are plenty of shared fun and family ties from all members of the family. "I told my daughter his name on Tour was Fabio, because of his long, blond hair, and he calls me Papa Tewell, so we get along great," Tewell says.

Both Bates and Tewell use their name recognition as pro golfers to tell their faith stories. Bates regularly speaks to youth groups and public golf-related gatherings. Tewell has spoken to dozens of Christian-related groups sharing his story about his professional golfing career, which he calls a faith walk.

No matter where golf takes Pat Bates and Doug Tewell, together they will continue to form a strong bond built on faith, family, and fun.

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