Athlete Testimonies:

Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson winning the Masters Tournament in 2007 was the answer to a bold prayer made by PGA Tour chaplain Larry Moody. He prayed that a Christian would win and give glory to God, said Ben Crane, a Christian Tour player. That is what happened when, on Easter Sunday, Johnson won the Masters and immediately thanked his Master, Jesus Christ. In front of international press, he announced, "My goal was to glorify God, and hopefully I did that."

Johnson getting to this point was an act of God. He started out an eager, poor novice. He settled in Florida to improve his game, but God had even greater plans for him.

Growing up in church, Johnson knew about God and faith. What he lacked was a personal relationship with Christ. He didn't realize this until pre-marital counseling with his wife Kim (who he met in Florida). It was during this time that he truly met Christ.

He is now a faithful Christian with a large platform for sharing his faith. He may or may not win another major tournament, but he knows that whatever happens is in God's plan,

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