Athlete Testimonies:

Aaron Baddeley

His nickname may be "Badds," but he does as much good as he can. As the youngest champion in Australian Open history at age 19, Aaron Baddeley certainly turned heads. Since joining the PGA Tour fulltime in 2003, he has recorded several Top 10 finishes and experienced a considerable amount of national publicity. But this isn't what stands out most about Baddeley.

Being a successful, young, handsome, and eligible man did nothing to change the desire of Baddeley's heart: pleasing God. This is what led him to take a six-month Dating Vow and participate in a Dating Fast that refocused energy otherwise spent dating on the Lord. Not the most popular activities, but definitely ones that strengthened his walk.

Baddeley's life verse, Jeremiah 29:13, speaks of consistently seeking and finding the Lord. He shares that message world-wide with youth because he's aware of the pressures they face. Now married, Baddeley doesn't face those same temptations, but he's been there. His desire is to point young people to Christ as their first love.

Baddeley has taken a stand that shows that Christ is his priority. His value isn't found in golf. "If I don't play well," he says, "it's not going to faze me and my walk with Jesus.

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