Athlete Testimonies:

Adam Wainwright

At 7:35 pm on channel 18, Adam Wainwright would sit down with his dinner in front of the television to admire his heroes from afar. He was a boy with big dreams. Originally from Georgia, Wainwright grew up adoring the Atlanta Braves; his dream was to play for them. That dream became a reality.

He slowly but steadily made his way up in the sports world. When he was traded to the Cardinals for the 2004 season, he suffered setbacks that forced him to prove his worthiness on the mound. But Wainwright realized his true worth at a Professional Athlete Outreach conference. It was at that conference that he felt challenged and responded to the invitation.

Beginning that day, Wainwright began to see God's hand at work in his life. He got married, had a daughter, and has earned a prominent position in baseball. From playing ball as a child with friends to throwing the pitch that won the Series, Wainwright is still able to keep things in perspective. "I want to be known as the guy who lives the life of a Christian husband, father, and player," he says. He's living his dream, but now with a Godly focus.

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