Athlete Testimonies:

Allyson Felix

Three bright stars of the 2004 Olympics look back on Athens and ahead, perhaps all the way to China.

If you blinked, you might have missed the blur that is Allyson Felix, the shining hope of US Track and Field. The pretty young athlete is self-effacing in a world where sprinters practically jump up and down, crowing, "Look at me!" Felix routinely deflects the adulation to the One who gave her wings to fly. "I always try to give God all the glory."

Cat Reddick was a huge part of the US Women's Soccer team winning a gold medal in Athens. In the gold medal game against Brazil, she subbed in during the second half and witnessed Abby Wambach's deciding goal off her head. She stands for God as well. "I've been able to work for Him," she says.

Having won a gold medal in Sydney in 2000, US Diver Laura Wilkinson stood poised to repeat, this time in Athens. However, a miscue resulted in a fifth-place finish. Now she is training for the 2008 Games in China. She knows that Someone is with her. "I know I'm never alone up there," she says. "God is going through it all with me."

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