Athlete Testimonies:

Amber Neben

Ranked as one of the best cyclists in the world, Amber Neben is on her way to accomplishing great things in the world of cycling. She doesn't flaunt her abilities or achievements, but rather sees herself as a Christian simply following God's will for her life.

Neben didn't start out on this path. She was a long-distance runner and planned to make that her career. However, she developed devastating stress fractures in her legs in 1995 that ruined those chances. She still believed that God had something for her in the world of sports, though. That's when she discovered her love for riding. She prayed for 6 months before deciding that the Lord's will was for her to take the new path in cycling.

Now, after continued challenges, including testing positive for 19-norandrosterone, Neben says she identifies most with two characters from the Bible: Joseph and David. When Joseph faced in justice, "he never stopped trusting in the Lord," she says. And David going from shepherd boy to king is "proof that God does the extraordinary with the ordinary." Though Neben may see herself as ordinary, God is doing extraordinary things with her life.

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