Athlete Testimonies:

Antwaan Randle El / Jeff Hartings

Surrender. Giving up your entire life. These are the keys to success according to football stars Antwaan Randle El and Jeff Hartings. Both players helped the Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XL in 2006. Surely they know what it takes to be successful. But the success Randle El and Hartings speak about, the success most important to them is not for the football field-it's for life.

When there's a shiny Super Bowl on your finger, it's easy to let things get out of perspective. Hartings admits there were big temptations after winning. "There are a lot more chances to soak in your own glory," he says. But he and his Christian teammate both realize this as Satan's attempt to distract them from where their focus should be. Randle El said his priority is keeping his heart on "Kingdom business," which means accepting the responsibility to be a witness for the Lord.

While these two certainly have goals set for their athletic careers, they continuously set spiritual goals, as well. Randle El wants to grow the weekly Bible studies with his teammates; Hartings aims to read through the Bible in a year. Their eyes are on a greater prize than any Super Bowl victory.

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