Athlete Testimonies:

Barb Lindquist / Sheila Taormina

Like little girls who meet hanging upside down from a monkey bar or pumping their legs furiously on the swing set, Barb Lindquist and Sheila Taormina also met on a playground of sorts: the World Cup circuit of the International Triathlon Union (ITU). The two shared the same passion for the sport of swimming from younger years and extended that love to the triathlon. They soon discovered, though, that they had an even stronger passion that bonded them together, as well.

Lindquist came to know the Lord as a preteen, whereas Taormina did not commit her life to Christ until her late 20s. Still, both women know the importance of trusting God with their entire lives. They've watched as He's guided them both and even led them to one another.

Some athletes take the slightest opportunity to shred their opponents, talking smack about those who might steal their glory. But at the heart of this pair's sisterhood was a genuine pride in the other's gifts and strengths. There have been high moments and disappointments. But in everything, they have been encouragers for one another and have pointed to Christ with their sport and with their lives.

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