Athlete Testimonies:

Ben Crane

Young, rich, successful, and Christian. The first three words could fit many college-graduated young executives in the North Texas area. But Ben Crane, an Oregon native turned Texas resident, is determined to make sure the fourth description makes a difference as he reaches for his goal of becoming a world-class golfer.

He's struggled along the way, from suffering with back problems to an incident with Rory Sabbatini in 2005. But his faith has remained unwavering. "As Christian players, sometimes we struggle with knowing we are not what our scores say we are," he says. "Scripture says God will take you through all the tough times, and that's what we have to focus on." Comments like this come from a deep-seated relationship with the Lord that began to grow as soon as Crane accepted Christ as a young age.

Throughout his career, God has planted Crane and his wife Heather in areas where they can encourage others and grow themselves. He's taught them a lot about valuing people over money and using their blessings to glorify God.

So the next time fans watch Crane tee off, they'll be looking at a man who undoubtedly loves golf--but who loves God more.

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