Athlete Testimonies:

Ben Zobrist / Seth McClung

With a franchise history winning percentage under .400, having won 70 games just once (2004 in both cases), the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are baseball's default cellar-dweller. Yet, perhaps their cellar-dwelling is a perfect platform from which to launch. "The feeling I get from everybody is we're on the verge of something great here, if we can just put it together," says shortstop Ben Zobrist. Pitcher Seth McClung adds that the losing is forcing them to learn. "We're learning through the bumps and bruises."

In order for Tampa Bay to start winning, they will need faith, and Zobrist and McClung have no trouble there. Their faith comes from their faith, as in their faith in Jesus Christ. They want to be healthy influences on their teammates. Such influence comes from Christ through them, they believe. "The first thing I want to do is love them the way Christ would love them," Zobrist says.

McClung desires to use Christ's help on the field. "I don't ask God to help me win but to make me strong in pressure situations. If we're all strong in pressure situations, we'll start making the right decisions on the field that make us winners."

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