Athlete Testimonies:

Betty Lennox

After facing injuries and being part of two teams that went out of business, Betty Lennox found a home in Seattle playing for the Storm. Lennox was named MVP for last year's WNBA Finals, leading the Storm past the Connecticut Suns. Sports Spectrum and Betty Lennox got together for a little Q and A.

SS: When did you trust Jesus as your Savior?

Lennox: Shortly after my father passed away, I came to Christ. I always knew His presence was there, but I needed to trust Him.

SS: Have you been able to connect with other Christians to help you dig into the Bible, being prayer partners, and seek accountability?

Lennox: Yes, I have prayer partners, and I pray a lot by myself. It happens through people I have gotten to know through Jesus, and my brother and uncle who are connected with my church.

SS: During the 2004 season, you averaged 11.6 points a game. In the WNBA finals, you went crazy, averaging 22.3 points a game in the finals. How were you able to double your scoring average in the biggest games of your life?

Lennox: All I can say is that it was the grace of God.

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