Athlete Testimonies:

Bob McNair

Reliant Stadium towers 245 feet above street level, dwarfing the adjacent Astrodome, and it could accurately be called "The Stadium That Bob McNair Built."

McNair was the man whose vision, can-do spirit, and determination earned Houston another NFL franchise, and because of that, there are those who view him not simply as a community icon, but as a bona fide savior.

It's rather uncomfortable for McNair to confront this reality. He is certain that his savior status will disappear if the Texans don't challenge for a playoff spot next season. He is even more certain that there is only one Savior.

"I just don't pay much attention to [the adulation]," he says. "I recognize that a lot of it is the result of the position I'm in. If I weren't in this position, they wouldn't be saying all those nice things. The Lord's blessed me with a lot of wealth, but if I didn't have that wealth, the people who call on me wouldn't be doing that.

"Basically, if you are a follower of Jesus, you have values. You have accepted the values He has taught. So when you have done that, you have established standards for yourself, and they are a guidepost."

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