Athlete Testimonies:

Braden Looper

In the words of "Old Blue Eyes," if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. True to those words, Braden Looper certainly has made it--with the Mets in New York, the Marlins in Florida, and the Cardinals in Missouri. Originally from a small Oklahoma town, Looper never imagined going this far. "I never had a clue that God...had this awesome path planned."

That awesome path began with a bronze medal in the 1996 Olympics, continued with an All-American college career at WSU, and culminated in a noteworthy major league career. But more significant than this is that, while in the minor leagues, Looper gave his heart to Christ. After a youth spent going to church for all the wrong reasons, Looper finally realized his need for the Lord.

Everything in his life has gone according to God's plan, Looper says. "I never would have imagined that playing high school would lead to where I am today." Even with his amassed fame and wealth, he's still the small-town guy with small-town values. He loves the Lord, his family, and has opportunities to share his testimony with many. "I have everything I need," he says. "I know I am blessed"

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