Athlete Testimonies:

Brandon Webb

If you think Brandon Webb lacks heart just because he's a calm, laid-back baseball player, think again! It's a mistake others have made, including his dad. Brandon's dad has since rethought his earlier assessment. "I think because he was always so laid-back, and still is, that I questioned his heart, but I guess with Brandon it's all inside."

Webb was one of the top pitchers in the majors in 2006 as he won the National League Cy Young Award. He still has a desire to keep improving, even to the point of achieving a couple other goals, including making the Hall of Fame.

Webb has been trusting in the Lord's will since he was a young teen and he received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. "Having Jesus Christ in my life has been huge. My parents taught me at an early age to follow the Lord, and as a Christian I really need Him."

Webb also desires to share his faith with others. "When you've played baseball professionally, it opens doors to talk to people, and then you can tell them things that really will matter for eternity."

Phillip Webb is right. "It just don't get any better than that!"

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