Athlete Testimonies:

Brian Roberts

Down the quiet hallways of a children's hospital walks Brian Roberts--abandoning the cheers from the crowds at the baseball field to bring cheer to the lives of children, even if only for a few moments. The visits for him are deeply empathetic, perhaps because of his own open-heart surgery at age five..

Roberts works with kids whenever possible, not just visiting hospitals but organizing baseball camps and making a difference as God opens doors for him. "We're very blessed to be in the situation we're in," he says of being a professional athlete. "I know that a lot of kids watch everything we do. So you just try to live your a way that reflects Christ's image."

As Roberts continues to progress in his sport, he never forgets his foundation. "He's as genuine off the field, and that's important when you're going through this baseball thing as a Christian," pitcher Steve Reed says.

Above Roberts' locker is a photo of an infant boy and his 5-year-old sister with a note that reads: "Thanks for visiting me and Nemo. Love, Emma." Nemo passed away, and every time Roberts sees that picture, he's reminded of his own blessings and purpose. And, for a moment, baseball fades into the background.

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