Athlete Testimonies:

Bruce Crisman

"I'm not much to brag about," Bruce Crisman, X Games freestyle bike park gold medalist, says from his apartment in his hometown of Tigard, Oregon.

Truth is, Crisman really can't brag about his success because he never intended for it to happen. Crisman wasn't counting on a win at Summer X Games VII in Philadelphia in 2001. But God, Crisman believes, had other ideas.

"That day He said, 'I'm gonna change things a little and allow you to witness more,'" Crisman said.

By "trying to keep that reputation" of being a genuine follower of Christ, Crisman has had to resist some social activities when traveling with pro bike tours.

"I've been on the road a lot over the past few years," he said. "I've tried my best, by the glory of God, to not get involved with the partying and drinking crowd."

That attitude is what has drawn young Christian BMX fans to follow Crisman's pro career.

"It happens quite often that a little kid will come over and say they're stoked to see another believer on the tour," Crisman said. "And I'm always stoked to see kids putting Jesus stickers on their bikes. It's good to see the results, but that's God's love. That's not me."

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