Athlete Testimonies:

Carlos Beltran

It would make perfect sense if Carlos Beltran were just a little uncomfortable in New York. Actually, it's strange that he's not. To most, playing under the microscope in New York would sound like a lot of pressure. But Beltran, who accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior 4 years ago, feels peace. While it appears to outsiders that the 27-year-old may be in over his head, he feels that he is in the center of God's will. "I get that question every day, and I really don't feel any pressure at all," Beltran says. "I know that since God led me here, to New York, that I must be prepared to handle it and to do well here. I know that I am prepared."

Beltran meditates on his favorite verse-Philippians 4:13-every time he steps on the field. He says it's the truths found in that verse that give him the ability to do whatever God's will is, both on and off the field. "Every time I take the field, I tell Him, 'I'm doing this in Your name.' When I want to accomplish things I feel like I can. But it's not for myself, but for Him and His glory," he says.

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