Athlete Testimonies:

Carlos Zambrano

The roots of faith run deep for Carlos Zambrano -- back to his childhood in his native Puerto Cabello, a coastal city west of Venezuela's capital, Caracas. He credits his dad mostly for raising him right. "He always showed me the right thing (to do). He put me in the church," he says.

Though Zambrano's life has not always been as glamorous as it is now, he remembers his childhood fondly. "Sometimes we didn't have food to eat growing up. I had just one pair of shoes and one pair of jeans." But still he says, "I give thanks to God for everything He has given me."

Zambrano has a natural gift for baseball that has moved him up quickly in the sport. "It's very hard," says Zambrano, "especially as a Christian. Sundays I can't go to church because we're playing. I have to work twice a hard to be where God wants me to be." But that's exactly what he does.

He came from humble beginnings. He's made it big. He's a fantastic pitcher. He wins fans. Others take issue with his passionate and emotional nature. Through it all, Zambrano is a Christian who loves the Lord. "Without Jesus, I can do nothing," he says.

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