Athlete Testimonies:

Chris Paul

Ask Chris Paul about his first year as an NBA player and he just smiles, shakes his head slowly, and says softly, "Unbelievable." Who could disagree? Paul was a near-unanimous choice as the NBA Rookie of the Year as he led the 2005-2006 rookie class in scoring, assists, steals, and minutes played.

Adjusting to the level of basketball and the new lifestyle in the NBA is difficult. Paul, however, is grateful for the way he was raised. "I am so thankful that my parents raised me and C.J. (Paul's brother) to depend on God's guidance and our faith in Him, and to always be thankful for what we receive."

Paul is very interested in a future that involves "giving back" to his hometown. Among other acts of charity, Paul has plans to fund a scholarship to Wake Forest for an area student each year.

Paul maintains a steadiness and focus all his own. "As I went through the past year, I just kept trying to have fun, knowing that I was playing basketball at the highest level, and remain humble, keeping in mind that all this could be taken away from me as fast as it was happening," he says.

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