Athlete Testimonies:

Chris Paul, Wayne Simien, and Shanna Zolman

Chris Paul, Wayne Simien, and Shanna Zolman have something in common-something besides being among the best players in the land.

Wake Forest's Chris Paul is a point guard extraordinaire. For the nationally ranked Wake Forest Demon Deacons, he is unquestionably the man who controls the action. In his personal life, however, Paul is quick to admit that he is not in control, and that he seeks assistance elsewhere. "I have been blessed so much and this is all God's doing." Paul says.

Callers trying to reach Wayne Simien on his cell phone may be surprised by the voicemail they receive if the Kansas All-American doesn't answer. Before you can leave Simien a message, he likes to leave you one, such as Galatians 2:20. "It's just one way I have of allowing God to use me as a vessel for spreading His Word to others," Simien explains.

Shanna Zolman knows there is a reason that she became a Lady Vol at the University of Tennessee, and that reason, she says, is because God had something in mind for her there. "There's no question that God put me at Tennessee and that He put me here for a purpose," she says without hesitation.

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