Athlete Testimonies:

Cindy Klassen

After the 2006 Torino Olympics, speedskater Cindy Klassen has a gold medal around her neck. But the true golden treasure that Klassen carries around is in her heart. She has a family of faith made up of relatives and friends who have encouraged her in her sport and her relationship with Christ. Her childhood Sunday school teacher remembers Klassen being an active seven-year-old, a shy girl with blue ribbons in her hair. Then, she had a demeanor of humility and gentleness.

Now, on the other side of winning five Olympic medals, a world title, two world records, and the title Canadian Athlete of the Year for 2006, nothing has changed in Klassen. Admittedly, she's overwhelmed by all the accolades and attention, but she doesn't let anything change who she is. "I have to take every moment to use my gifts to [God's] glory," she says.

"Tomorrow anything could happen, and my career could be over," she admits, thinking of the serious arm injury in 2003 that could have ended her speedskating and her life. But with the prayers of loved ones and her own faith, no matter what happens she can confidently say, "I know that God is in control."

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