Athlete Testimonies:

Corey Simon

Corey Simon hasn't always had it easy. He knows what it's like to lose. He lost a relationship with his father when he was a toddler, three NFC Championships in a row with the Philadelphia Eagles, and a quality of his health to polyarthritis.

But there's one thing he's won, despite all the hardships in life, and that is a relationship with God. To Simon, Jesus is not a good-luck charm. He is his Lord and Savior, and he's trusting Him with every step in his life.

It wasn't until his junior year at FSU that two of Simon's teammates, Andre Wadsworth and Peter Boulware, shared what it means to be a true disciple of Christ. Since then, he's finding that God is faithful to His Word, and that no one, no thing, no loss, can take away that joy that's his in Christ.

Now, through the successes in life, Simon can thank God. He has accomplished much on the football field. He has a loving wife and son. He has a mother who has always supported him. And he now has a relationship with his father.

"God has brought me to this point," Simon says. "I know that with Him, I can't lose."

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