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Danny and Jessica Wuerffel

After Hurricane Katrina, Sports Spectrum caught up with former NFL quarterback Danny Wuerffel and his wife Jessica for an honest conversation about their home, their ministry (Desire Street Ministries), and their city (New Orleans).

Sports Spectrum: What were your thoughts and emotions as Hurricane Katrina was closing in on New Orleans?

Danny: At first, it almost felt like the boy who cried wolf. It seemed like we had done this every year. So initially it was almost more of an inconvenience or a nuisance. Everything got more and more eerie as the storm got closer, and we started to realize this could be the storm that New Orleans had feared for decades.

Sports Spectrum: How has Desire Street Ministries been affected by Hurricane Katrina?

Danny: We felt that we needed to provide an opportunity for our school to continue. So we began a massive search for sites that could serve as a boarding school. It's a long and crazy story, but we found a camp in Florida.

Sports Spectrum: What do the words Hurricane Katrina mean to you?

Jessica: Most of the people I have spoken with are seeing this as an opportunity-not a hindrance. I think that's really neat!

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