Athlete Testimonies:

David Pollack

David Pollack's attitude toward life has been refined by his deepening faith in God. "No matter what you're going through, somebody else always has it worse," says Pollack. He made this statement after suffering an injury on September 17, 2006 that altered his life and threatened his career. A man who used to rush down the football field full force could no longer perform basic movements, take care of himself, or even kiss his wife.

With such an instant change to Pollack's quality of life and with his future in football so uncertain, one would expect discouragement and frustration to have marked his outlook. However, the opposite proved true. Of course there were challenges, but Pollack and his wife found strength in one another, even through this trying time. More importantly, Pollack "just sat back and listened to God for 3 months" while he recuperated. "It's awesome the things that God taught me," he says.

Whether or not Pollack will ever play for the Cincinnati Bengals or any other team again is unknown. It's also unimportant. Close friend and teammate Reggie Kelly looks at it this way: "Whatever arena God puts him in...he's going to minister the Word of God."

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