Athlete Testimonies:

Deb Patterson

In a collegiate coaching profession in which her passionate and competitive personality are a perfect fit, Deb Patterson remains dedicated to making her Kansas State women's program God's Kansas State women's program.

"They're all God's children," Patterson says of her players. "I want my coaching and my life to be glorifying to God."

Regardless of where players come from or what their faith experience involves, Patterson tells young recruits they will work hard-not only in the eyes of their coaches and teammates, but also in the eyes of the Lord.

"In recruiting is when you have that first moment of complete honesty with them," Patterson says. "I have to be honest about what I expect and I have to be honest about my relationship with Christ."

Because her profession is measured in wins and losses, Patterson insists that her players compete at a level that not only they can be proud of, but that God will be pleased with.

"All of the qualities that Coach P brings to the table in her coaching position are out of this world," junior All-America Kendra Wecker says. "The knowledge she has for the game is unbelievable. She is focused and determined to make us better as players and young women."

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