Athlete Testimonies:

Derek Anderson

The "right thing" for Derek Anderson has been to pursue his own path directed by God. It has helped carry him to an NCAA championship with the University of Kentucky ; to a first-round selection in the 1997 NBA draft: to seven straight NBA seasons with double-figure scoring; and now, in his fourth season with the Trail Blazers, captaincy of his team.

"Where the belief came from is a mystery truly known only to God," Anderson says as he explains his journey to Jesus. Anderson knew to reach out for God even if he knew virtually nothing about Him. "I'd just say, 'God, please help me do this and do that.' I had no idea there was God and Jesus and that they were two different people." The result is difficult for Anderson to explain. He simply says, "He basically gave me a vision to see Him without seeing Him, and you can't really describe that."

In being named captain, Anderson clearly earned the respect of his teammates. One way he has earned it is with protectiveness of his teammates motivated by Christian love and compassion.

With excitement that generates a huge smile, Anderson says, "God is giving me direction and focus. I'm on my way."

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