Athlete Testimonies:

Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher is practicing at Santa Monica College, where his new team, the Golden State Warriors, have come to town to play his old team, the Los Angeles Lakers, in a game that has left Fisher dazed and confused. Here he was in Warrior blue, guarding Kobe Bryant and Kareem Rush in an actual game.

It's been an emotional roller coaster ride for Fisher. Nonetheless, with God as his guide, he remains assured he made the right decision. "Ultimately it came down to wanting to be in a situation where I could focus more on just doing the things that I need to do as a player and as a believer," he says.

Fisher knows he needs to surround himself immediately with the right people if he's going to keep his game clean-where it needs to be. That's why he is now trying to build his off-the-court team just as the Warriors try to nurture their on-the-court squad. "The challenge a lot of times spiritually is you feel alone," says Fisher. "You need your prayer partners, your pastor at your church, different friends or associates you have that can help you keep that focus."

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