Athlete Testimonies:

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard quickly became a blimp-not a blip-on the NBA draft radar. From a small high school in Georgia with a graduating class of sixteen, Howard went from high school phenom to pro-superstar. He was an 18-year-old who could seemingly have it all.

His successful life began with a sound upbringing, natural ability, intellectual inclination, passion of heart, and spiritual beliefs. The first components are important; the last one is crucial. The Howard family has been living a Christian life throughout Dwight's upbringing. "Basically, since I was a kid, I just talk to God every day," Howard says. Does this mean he's flawless or expects perfection in his Christian walk? Quite the opposite-he's really grounded.

He's set high goals for himself: he wants to be the best. Basketball is his focus, but he realizes there will be many things in competition for that focus. Former teammate Andrew DeClercq, also a Christian, says, "His faith is something he'll need to keep perspective on life."

Howard's father, his mentor in every way, encourages his son with James 2:26, which says that faith without works is dead. Howard has responded to that message; he's working hard to fulfill what he believes is God's call on his

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