Athlete Testimonies:

Garret Anderson

Many people confuse his quiet, easy-going attitude with being distant and difficult to get along with. But a look into the life of this Southern California native reveals why Garret Anderson seems very different from a lot of other professional athletes, as a player and as a Christian.

Although he's often seen as quiet, shy, and maybe even aloof, Anderson is quite the opposite around those closest to him. He can be very talkative and outgoing, especially with his wife and three children. Sometimes those who disapprove of his quiet nature also critique his game harshly. "You're always going to have critics," says Anderson. "I try not to ever let things like that bother me. Let's face it, as athletes and even as Christians we're always under a microscope. It's something I've accepted."

Anderson certainly silenced the mouths of those who judged him after helping the Anaheim Angels win the 2002 World Series against the San Francisco Giants. He has come a long way from his tough childhood to his success as a ball player. Not even Anderson is sure where things will lead him, but he is certain that God has great plans for him as he continues his walk with Christ.

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