Athlete Testimonies:

Gary Sheffield

Many people have had a lot to say about Gary Sheffield through the years, but Gary sat down with Braves' team chaplain, Tim Cash, to help us see just exactly who he is.

Tim Cash: Right or wrong, some people still do not trust the new Gary Sheffield. How do you respond to those people?

Gary Sheffield: I actually like it! It gives me a chance to prove them wrong and show them that the new Gary Sheffield is for real. Eventually they are going to have to see that I am not involved in the things I used to be involved in and realize I am a changed man!

Cash: When it's all said and done and your career in baseball comes to a close, what is the one legacy you want to be remembered for?

Sheffield: Being remembered for your baseball accomplishments is great, but I've never been one who thinks I have to make it to the Hall of Fame to be successful. I want people to see that I touched many lives in and out of the game in ways that had nothing to do with baseball. I want to be remembered as someone who cared about people and walked with Jesus!

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