Athlete Testimonies:

Greg Schiano

Greg Schiano has brought the Rutgers football program a long way. An appearance in the Insight Bowl last December, the school's first in 27 years, completed Rutgers' first winning season (7-5) in more than a decade. "Without my Christian faith, there's no way I could've gotten through my first few years here," Schiano says.

Schiano wouldn't be where he is now if not for getting the defensive assistant job with the Bears in 1996. Says Schiano: "I didn't know it at the time, but God took me there to know Him." God had a plan to surround Schiano with Christian coaches in Chicago. Schiano started going to church with his fellow coaches. Then one night in 1997 the Holy Spirit blitzed him as he was driving home. He was listening to a tape Bears' scout Bill McCartney had given to him about the negative effect football had on family life. Then Schiano made the most important decision of his life. "I pulled over at the side of the road and said the prayer at the end of the tape."

Schiano is excited about the opportunities he has coaching college football. "I have a chance to really affect (the players') lives. And I think that's what my calling is."

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