Athlete Testimonies:

Hunter Kemper

Elite United States triathlete Hunter Kemper was never sure how marriage and competition would coexist in his life. But several years after exchanging vows with former US national volleyball team player Valerie Sterk, the results speak for themselves. Kemper has proven himself as a world-class athlete, now having earned entry to three Olympic Games.

With support from his wife, life has been a lot simpler. She has given constant encouragement. The pair met shortly after Kemper rededicated his life to the Lord. He started growing up in church, but sports soon became the priority in his family's life. It wasn't until the summer of 1999, after hearing a sermon about things he should be looking for in a potential spouse, that he realized his priorities were out of order. He prayed and truly started to turn things over to God. Valerie entered his life at the perfect time.

Now, the two of them share the same focus. "From the beginning, Val and I have talked about wanting people to see Christ in our relationship," Kemper says. That purpose bleeds over to his professional life, as well. God has given him great talents and much success. Kemper's goal is to glorify Christ in all he does.

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