Athlete Testimonies:

Jake Peavy

"Preach the Gospel-use words if necessary." This advice, often found on Christian T-shirts, describes the way Jake Peavy approaches Christianity. He does unashamedly use his words. "The most important thing in my life is Jesus Christ," he says. "I'm not ashamed to say it." But he places more emphasis on conduct than words. When you're involved in professional sports, you're a role model whether you like it or not, according to Peavy.

With talent and determination, Peavy has made it far in baseball. He knows that people are watching how he lives his life-from little kids to fans to teammates. This is why his passion for his faith is rooted in his deep caring for others. When he builds relationships with others and shows them the love God has shown him, he believes they become more receptive to his faith. They want to see what a Christian walk is all about.

Peavy shared his enthusiasm for baseball and the Lord by beginning a prayer time with some players before games and developing a heart for missions after a trip to the Dominican Republic. He is preaching the Gospel not only with his words, but with his life.

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