Athlete Testimonies:

Jake Voskhul

Phoenix Sun Jake Voskuhl was giving his testimony to a crowd of over 200 junior- and senior-high students and family members assembled at Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church in Katy, Texas. It is remarkable because of the stark, bare bones honesty he unashamedly offers and the sincere thankfulness he exhibits for the work that Jesus Christ has done in his life.

Voskuhl will tell his listeners that he concluded early in his days at UConn, that he was "a jerk," and that he hated himself and the arrogance that controlled his behavior. He will tell them that God was with him even when he wasn't with God. He will praise God for delivering him from the powerful hold that drugs had on him.

"I've been saved 6 years," Voskuhl says, "and I can't begin to express and give words to what my life has been like and what a blessing it is to have my wife and daughter and our families. The Lord has done so much in changing us."

Suns' chaplain Keith Brown says that at camps and speaking engagements, Voskuhl's love for Christ is the overriding thing he notices.

"He doesn't try to promote himself," Brown says. "He tries to promote Christ."

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