Athlete Testimonies:

Jarome Iginla

In a day of contract holdouts and lockouts, injuries and scandals, professional athletes who display the excitement of living out their childhood dreams are becoming a rarity.

Or so it seems.

Meet Jarome Iginla, superstar forward for the NHL's Calgary Flames. Jarome is one happy guy. "Every day I realize how blessed I've been in my life," Iginla says.

Iginla has a job that he loves, plenty of financial freedom, a family full of support, and a wife (Kara) he loves and with whom he has a long history. What else could possibly make Jarome smile?

The fact that he has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior has a lot to do with it. "Growing up I always had a faith, but it was an unclear faith. I was playing in Kamloops (in British Columbia) as a junior when I actually accepted Christ as my Savior," Iginla says.

Why aren't all athletes as happy as Iginla? The answer is simple really. Jarome Iginla is well aware of how fortunate and blessed he is. With a winning attitude, the biggest smile in the game, and a heart for God, Iginla is definitely one Calgary Flame that is burning bright.

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