Athlete Testimonies:

Jason Schmidt

"People are always going to remember me for baseball," says Jason Schmidt. "Is that really the reason we're here? I would like to be remembered as a Christian athlete. They're gonna know when I pass away where I'm going." Schmidt did much reflection after losing his mom to a brain tumor in 2003. He began asking the important, tough questions. The whole experience strengthened him.

Schmidt grew up in a Christian home but began testing the waters and pushing the limits when he was first looked at by the Atlanta Braves as an 18-year-old. Far from home, he felt some insecurity but soon saw success. Then, a serious shoulder injury threatened Schmidt's future, and that's when he opened up his Bible and let the Lord speak to him.

His shoulder has given him problems off and on, but in his own words, "When your perspective and your priority is Jesus, whatever happens you know you can still get through it."

Schmidt may not have all the answers to life's issues, but at least he's asking the right questions. So what question now drives his life? "What kind of impact do we have on other people's lives?"

In his case, an excellent one.

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