Athlete Testimonies:

Jonathan Byrd

Jonathan Byrd came from absolute obscurity to become Rookie of the Year for 2002. The 5' 8" 155-pound Elgin, South Carolina, resident was the only rookie to win a PGA event all year, finish in the Top 40 on the money list, and qualify for The Masters. But he certainly hasn't let success derail who he is and whom his focus is on.

Byrd's dad introduced him to golf as a toddler. He also led his son to a life of faith in their Christian family. Byrd first recognized his need for Jesus at a church camp. But what was started at that camp didn't ensure that a Christian lifestyle was certain to follow, particularly after he left home.

It wasn't until the middle of his sophomore year at Clemson University that Byrd began to truly take his faith more seriously. "My lifestyle changed," he says. "My relationships changed. I worked hard on my game. My game didn't blossom, but my life sure did."

Byrd's game definitely has blossomed over the years. His life has, as well, with his wife Amanda and an even deeper faith. He states his life mission. "I want to stay humble and grow in the Word. I have a chance to share Christ, and this is a great platform."

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