Athlete Testimonies:

Josh Bidwell

Josh Bidwell, the rookie punter, was sky high after landing his dream job in the National Football League. He was about to learn that his very life was up in the air. Just eleven days before his 1999 debut with the Green Bay Packers he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Bidwell was the picture of health during training camp, but his condition quickly deteriorated.

A second surgery and months of aggressive chemotherapy melted 40 pounds off his 6-foot-3 frame. "My prayer was for the pain and the discomfort that I was going through and for the people around me to see God's strength in me," he says. "I never asked God, 'Why me?' because I'm just a firm believer that every situation we're given is for His glory and His honor."

After recovery, Bidwell capitalized on four solid seasons in Green Bay by signing as a free agent with Tampa Bay. Last year he set a Tampa Bay franchise record with a 45.6-yard punting average en route to his first Pro Bowl appearance.

Bidwell's world revolves around God, who enabled him to survive cancer and embrace a career he had only imagined. The veteran punter is sky high.

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