Athlete Testimonies:

Kurt Warner

There is no evidence of Kurt Warner's football career when you enter the home of Kurt and Brenda Warner. To the Warners, life is larger than football; football is not larger than life.

Let's be honest about this whole Kurt and Brenda Warner story: it's absurdly, ridiculously unbelievable. Warner came out of Northern Iowa without great prospects for pro success. Brenda married, had two children, and then divorced. Brenda and Kurt met at a club. They dated four years. Kurt and Brenda married in 1997. He made the St. Louis Rams as a back-up in 1998. Trent Green went down as the starter in the 1999 pre-season, and many considered the season lost before it started. Warner led the Rams to the Super Bowl and the first of his two NFL MVPs.

"We're a perfect example of two people who never should have been where we are," Kurt says. "We're also a perfect example that if you put things in God's hands, He can do the impossible."

"If people look at our lives, they are able to identify somewhere along the line," Brenda says. "They won't see perfect people, but they'll see two people doing our best for God."

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