Athlete Testimonies:

Lorena Ochoa

Mexico's Lorena Ochoa has proven she is in the golfing world. However, she is equally determined not to be of the golfing world. For the soft-spoken, 25-year-old women's golf sensation, her faith, her family, and her friends will always be more important than any golfing fame. "God is always very important to me, my family is important, and then there is golf," Ochoa said.

2006 was a breakout year for Ochoa on the LPGA Tour. In addition to six wins on the year, she received Player of the Year honors and became the leading money winner. Despite this success, Ochoa vows her biggest goal for 2007 is not to change the type of committed, faith-filled individual she has become. "Before I play every tournament, before I wake up in the morning, I do it all for God," she said.

Ochoa has begun to use her earnings to help others. She started the Lorena Ochoa Foundation, which has so far helped build a school for nearly 300 kids in Mexico.

She has some advice for rookie golfers. "I tell the new (Tour) players to put God first in all that you do." Good advice for being very much in the pro golfing world without being of that same world.

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