Athlete Testimonies:

Mark Knowles

Mark Knowles is learning late in his career how unexpected life can be. However, he's also learning the importance of the constants in his life: his wife Dawn, his son Graham, and his foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.

It is that faith that has directed him in his marriage, provided comfort in the sometimes lonely sport of tennis, and given him strength in a challenging career. When Dan Nestor, Knowles's double partner for 13 years, decided to move on after the pair experienced a "slump," Knowles could have become discouraged or disillusioned. Instead, he finished the season strong with his long-time partner. Now, he's open to what may happen in the future.

God has given Knowles a great balance in his life. He focuses much of his time and energy on his wife and son now, though he is still fully committed to the sport he loves. He also is heavily involved in giving to charities. The family travels a great deal, but wherever they go, they connect with believers, attend Bible studies, and find churches to attend. They are leaning on God and trusting him to guide them in the future, just as He has in the past.

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