Athlete Testimonies:

Marvin Williams

Marvin Williams, selected No. 2 overall by the Atlanta Hawks in July's NBA draft, has never talked a big game. Whether dominating local courts as a point-forward for the Knights of Bremerton High, or helping the North Carolina Tar Heels to a national championship this past March, the 6-foot-9 athlete has deferred credit for his successes and downplayed his eye-popping talent. From the pews of his home church, Williams spent every Sunday of his childhood absorbing the traits of true greatness-diligence, honesty, respect.

Williams' faith has not wilted under the heat of a glaring spotlight thus far, as a strong strand of faith running through North Carolina's basketball program helped mitigate potential temptations. "Guys like Jawad (Williams) and Melvin (Scott) would take Quentin (Thomas) and me to church whenever we had a free Sunday, if we didn't play or if we were in town," Williams said.

Williams' mother Andrea Gittens will continue to live in Bremerton. Williams will visit often- the opportunity to se a public example never precluding his need to set a private one. "Somebody's always going to be looking at you, so you can always affect somebody's life whether it's just being nice to somebody or helping somebody out," Williams says.

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